'Wha-Tapoua Roo' [Common brushtail possum] by Mortimer

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'Wha-Tapoua Roo' [Common brushtail possum]
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'Wha-Tapoua Roo' [Common brushtail possum]
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Zoological study of the Common Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula), the Australian marsupial, shown in an arboreal setting. Plate 56 from Journal of a voyage to New South Wales...by John White (J.Debrett, London, 1790). The accompanying text states that: "This animal is about the size of a Racoon, is of a dark grey colour on the back, rather lighter on the sides, which terminates in a rich brown on the belly." The plate is inscribed: "Mortimer delin, Wha-Tapoua Roo. Published as the Act directs Dec: 29, 1789, by J.Debrett."

Original: copperplate engraving. 1790

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