Fossil rhinoceros horn by William Clift

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Fossil rhinoceros horn
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Fossil rhinoceros horn
William Clift
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Plate 2 figure 2 from the paper "On a new species of Rhinoceros found in the interior of Africa, the skull of which bears a close resemblance to that found in a fossil state in Siberia and other countries", by Everard Home, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, vol.112 (1822), pp.38-45. This fossil horn is a forty-two inch specimen from the British Museum's collections. Variously annotated, lower left in pencil "3 feet 6 inches long" repeated in ink; lower right in ink "Scale, 3 Inches to 1 Foot" and in pencil "Reduce to 2 inches to a foot". Not signed. Royal Society stamp verso.

Original: watercolour on paper. 1821

The Artist: William Clift

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