Fossilised Ichthyosaur vertebra by William Clift

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Fossilised Ichthyosaur vertebra
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Fossilised Ichthyosaur vertebra
William Clift
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Plate 14 from the paper "Some farther account of the fossil remains of an animal, of which a description was given to the Society in 1814", by Everard Home, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, vol.106 (1816), pp.318-321. The painting is annotated in pencil: "Found at Lyme. The largest vertebra of this fish I have ever seen. This compared with the vertebra of Bullock's specimen shews the size which the animal occasionally attained." The fossil was in the possession of William Buckland and collected by Mary Anning. Watermarked "J Whatman 1811."

Original: ink on paper. 1816

The Artist: William Clift

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