Deputation to Faraday by Edward Armitage

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Deputation to Faraday
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Deputation to Faraday
Edward Armitage
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Group portrait and historical painting depicting a delegation from Council of the Royal Society in 1857, offering the organisation's Presidency to Michael Faraday, who refused the office. The delegation occupies the left of the composition, facing Faraday across a table. The group is: John Wrottesley (seated left); J P Gassiot (seated, centre left) W.R.Grove (standing) and Michael Faraday (seated, right). The scene is an interior with a marble fireplace in the background over which is a mirror. A candlestick and clock rest on the mantle. Green patterned wallpaper and a framed pattern design can be seen to the left and a bell-pull to the right. Resting on the table is a wooden pen tray with a glass ink bottle, red sealing wax and quills. To the right of this a glass laboratory bottle. A yellow and red cloth is positioned by Faraday's right hand in which he holds a rolled sheet of paper.

Original: oil on canvas, 1376x1830mm. 1873

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