Chart of Western Sumatra by unknown

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Chart of Western Sumatra
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Chart of Western Sumatra
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Map of the coastline of western Sumatra, Indonesia, showing inlets, settlements and Mount Ophir, with three islands off the coast. Inscribed 'Sketch of part of the West Coast of Sumatra and adjacent island near the Equator as given in some of the charts'. Figure no.1 from Report of the length of the pendulum at the equator...made on an expedition...from the observatory at Madras..., by John Goldingham (Madras, 1824). Scale 3 ¢ inches: 40 miles. Original painting pasted onto a backing sheet. Not signed. Paper watermarked but not dated. John Goldingham (c.1766-1849) British astronomer was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1808.

Original: ink and watercolour on paper. ca. 1824

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