Fossil teeth and bones of boar by H O'Neil

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Fossil teeth and bones of boar
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Fossil teeth and bones of boar
H O'Neil
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Plate 25 figures 30-33 and one unused figure from the paper "Account of an assemblage of fossil teeth and bones of elephant, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, bear, tiger, and hyaena, and sixteen other animals; discovered in a cave at Kirkdale, Yorkshire, in the year 1821: with a comparative view of five similar caverns in various parts of England, and others on the Continent.", by William Buckland, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, vol.112 (1822), pp.171-236. Five figures of upper and lower jaw teeth, tusk, jaw fragments "of hog" and one bone, the latter omitted from the finished plate. Specimens found at Kirkdale Cave, Yorkshire.

Original: watercolour on paper. 1822

The Artist: H O'Neil

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