Fossil skull of the Proteo-saurus [Ichthyosaur] by William Clift

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Fossil skull of the Proteo-saurus [Ichthyosaur]
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Fossil skull of the Proteo-saurus [Ichthyosaur]
William Clift
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Plate 13 from the papers "An account of the fossil skeleton of the Proteo-saurus" and "Reasons for giving the name Proteo-saurus to the fossil skeleton which has been described", by Everard Home, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, vol.109 (1819), pp.209-211 and pp.212-216. This fossil was owned by Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas James Birch and therefore probably discovered by Mary Anning. The work includes an additional small pencil sketch of a tooth detail, lower right, with the inscription: "More like this: the crown of the Tooth only should have the lines more distinct." Inscribed with publication and plate details and two versions of the note "Scale Half an Inch to an Inch" in ink and pencil, lower left. Not signed. Royal Society stamps verso. Watermarked "J Whatman 1816"

Original: ink on paper. 1819

The Artist: William Clift

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