'Figure du combat du Rhinoceros contre l'Elephant' by unknown

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'Figure du combat du Rhinoceros contre l'Elephant'
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'Figure du combat du Rhinoceros contre l'Elephant'
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Fantastical scene of battle between a rhinoceros and an elephant in a wooded landscape. Three stages of the contest are shown in the foreground, middle and far distance. Elsewhere a human hunter armed with a bow is shown in a tree, hunting elephants. This print originally appeared in Andre Thevet's La cosmographie universalle (1575). Illustration from Discours d'Ambroise Pare ... a scavoir, de la mumie, de la licorne, des venins, et de la peste, avec une table des plus notables matieres contenues esdit discours (chez Gabriel Buon, Paris, 1582), f.25. Ambroise ParÚ (c.1510-1590) was a French barber surgeon and anatomist who served several Kings of France.

Original: woodcut engraving. 1582

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