Bottlenose dolphin by William Bell

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Bottlenose dolphin
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Bottlenose dolphin
William Bell
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Plate 18 for the paper "Observations on the structure and oeconomy of whales", by John Hunter, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society vol. 77 part 1 1787 pp.371-450. Two views of an animal described by Hunter as a bottle-nose whale or Delphinus delphis [the latter is the present name of the short-beaked common dolphin]. The main figure shows the animal's right side, with a water spout indicating the position of the blowhole; a detail of the head and one fin seen from above shows the blowhole itself. The specimen, apparently a juvenile, was caught in the sea off Berkeley in Gloucestershire [presumably in the Severn Estuary].

Original: ink on paper. 1787

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