Indian elephant by Andreas Lorenzen Rothgiesser

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Indian elephant
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Indian elephant
Andreas Lorenzen Rothgiesser
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Zoological study of an Indian elephant and human rider, the latter bearing the book half-title held on a banner made of the pelt of a lion. The elephant is depicted standing in a forest of palms. Frontispiece plate to the book Orientalische Reise-Beschreibunge Jurgen Andersen aus Schlesswig der An. Christi 1644, aussgezogen und 1650 wieder kommen, und Volquard Iversen aus Holstein...edited by Adam Olearius (Schlesswig, 1669). The plate is inscribed lower right: 'And.Rothgiesser f...' [partly lost]. Adam Olearius (1599-1671) [Adam �lschlõger or sometimes Oehlschlaeger] was a German scholar, traveller and librarian.

Original: copperplate engraving. 1669

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