Copper wire explosion pattern by Anonymous

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Copper wire explosion pattern
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Copper wire explosion pattern
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Two figures of effects produced by the explosion of copper wire positioned over a sheet of paper or glass when subjected to a high voltage electrical current. This was provided by the electrostatic generator and associated machinery designed by John Cuthbertson (bap.1743-d.1821) for Martin van Marum and installed at Teyler's Museum at Haarlem in the Netherlands. The results of these experiments are considered to be an early milestone in high energy plasma physics. Plate 4 from Eerste vervolg der proefneemingen, gedaan met Teyler's Martinus van Marum (Haarlemn, 1787). The plate is inscribed: "Pl. IV. A. Pl. IV.B. Rood Koper." Martin van Marum was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1798.

Original: ink and watercolour on paper. 1787

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