Figures of the Sun and Earth by unknown

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Figures of the Sun and Earth
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Figures of the Sun and Earth
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Figures of the Sun and Earth linked by 'heavenly' and 'earthly' pyramids of fire. These are inscribed: 'Ignis Palladias' [Pallas fire ] and 'Ignis Vestiae' [Vesta fire] and are ascribed qualities or attributes, for example the latter "Corporeus et inquinatus semper depuratur et redditur subtilior" [Physical and polluted, always purified and rendered more subtle]. Plate from the chapter 'De Igne', pp.34-35 in Actorum chymicorum Holmiensium Parasceve, id est praeparatio ad tentamina in Regio Laboratorio Holmiensi Urban Hierne [Hjõrne] (Stockholm, J.H.Werner, 1712)

Original: woodcut engraving. 1712

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