An allegory of chemistry and nature by unknown

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An allegory of chemistry and nature
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An allegory of chemistry and nature
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Allegorical plate showing a putto raking a smoking furnace around which is scattered chemical retorts and apparatus; with a crown, sword, mitre and other worldly treasures behind. The furnace leads upward in a three-tiered pillar upon which are specimens of geology, plant life and animals. At the top is a multi-breasted female figure [Nature?] with a pair of lions on her shoulders. Frontispiece to Actorum chymicorum Holmiensium Parasceve, id est praeparatio ad tentamina in Regio Laboratorio Holmiensi Urban Hierne [Hjõrne] (Stockholm, J.H.Werner, 1712). The plate is not signed. Inscribed below 'Sola Dei placent Magnalia, caetera Sperno' [Only the great works of God please, the other reject].

Original: line and stipple engraving. 1712

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