A steam piston engine by Thomas Savery

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A steam piston engine
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A steam piston engine
Thomas Savery
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Sketch of a machine for raising water by steam, included in the manuscript copy account "A letter to the Revd. Dr. John Harris F.R.S. relating to a pretended invention of Dr. Papin F.R.S.. By Thomas Savery Esquire F.R.S.". Savery describes a model sent to him by the Prince of Hesse-Kassel and his explanation of why it did not work. These improvements, he claims, were then appropriated by Denis Papin (1647-c.1712) the Prince's operator. The drawing is not signed. Royal Society Register Book Original, vol.9 1700-1713, pp.211-217. The paper was read before the Royal Society on 18 May 1709.

Original: ink on paper. 1709

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